Sunday, March 1, 2009

New to Blogging

I've been reading Bob Burg's "Endless Referrals". In a particular chapter, he mentions the benefits of blogs and networking, so here I am-- establishing my presence on the web!

To learn from an expert, visit Debbie Weil @ who is an expert on blogging for business and could be a good connection for everyone in the blogging community!

(Apparently, my friend Becky and I started our own blog a couple years ago for our college lacrosse team. I forgot about it until now when I went to set up my own Blog spot! We didn't do anything with it, so it's pretty boring to look at.)

I'm hoping that this can be something I get into at least 4X a week-- Keep me organized with my thoughts and actions... as well as keep me up to date with the latest with my new company, etc.

Till next time...


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